CRAN Packages


I am an author of the gtsummary package, which you can use to create reproducible, publication-ready analytical tables in R.

The gtsummary package was recently featured on the RStudio Education blog, and you can learn more from my RLadies NYC talk here.

Github Packages


I maintain the nebula package, which implements network-based latent-Dirichlet subtype analysis.


I am the author and maintainer of the riskybiz package which contains wrapper and helper functions to get competing risks regression model results from the {cmprsk} package.

Shiny Apps

X-Linked Disease Trait Generation Simulator

I created a Shiny app to look at proportions of genotypes for an X-linked disease trait (such as color-blindness). Explore the app to see how many generations it takes for the population to reach equilibrium (it's surprisingly not many!), and how the equilibrium proportions change based on the initial population.

The app can be found here!

Image created using Francisco Uzo's Isihara Plate Generator

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